A New Favourite (and Cheap!) Lunch Staple

Because I’m being more discriminating about what we buy and keep in the house these days, my lunch options seem to be much more random than usual. I’ll make some garlic oil to drizzle over leftover noodles or rice, but if I don’t have any tomatoes or other vegetables to add to it (and cheese, of course!), it seems a little bare. Sandwiches don’t always sit well with my stomach, so a few times lately I’ve been left with only one option: Oatmeal!

I have not been a big breakfast eater of late, in my opinion — although I’m realising now that whole-wheat toast, a real-food mocha and fruit may actually be just fine in terms of calories — but oatmeal always seems too filling for me first thing in the morning. I do have a sweet tooth, however, so when I’m looking around the kitchen for lunch options and also realising simultaneously that I have no dessert options to follow that, a sweet oatmeal concoction always hits the spot.

Oatmeal is easy to make and can be a delicious lunch meal.

Right now I’m slowly getting rid of my brown sugar (we’re putting it in our coffee, currently, because neither agave nor maple syrup have gone on sale), so I’ll sprinkle a little of that over my oatmeal (cooked with milk), add a drizzle of honey and finally I’ll top it with some slivered almonds and whatever fruit I have in the house, such as sliced strawberries, bananas or blueberries. It’s REALLY yummy! Although it is the quick-cooking kind, it’s plain before I dress it up — no artificial colours, flavourings or preservatives.

I know it’s summer and, if you’re anything like me oatmeal is probably the last thing you’d think of for any meal, but it can actually be pretty comforting in the middle of the day in a cold, air-conditioned office. Try it this week. You won’t regret it!

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