Healthy Chicken Salad

With the start of May, I thought it would be great to post a lunch recipe for school and work. Packing your lunch is a great way to ensure that you are eating a healthy, balanced meal. The key is to make most of your lunch the night before, so that you are not rushing in the morning.

I have a few go-to recipes for packed lunches. I usually make some type of egg, tuna, or chicken salad the night before, then assemble into a sandwich or wrap the next day. You can make a big batch of whatever salad you’re making and have it for the whole week. Planning meals ahead of time is crucial for sticking to a healthy diet. Try to have a source of protein, some whole grains, a vegetable, and a simple carbohydrate like fruit. This will give you energy to power through the rest of the day.

This chicken salad is healthy and perfect for school or work.

This great clean-eating chicken salad is an excellent packed lunch for work or school. It’s so simple to throw together and tastes like a restaurant style chicken salad. The best part is that instead of mayo, it is made with protein-rich Greek yogurt. This replaces the fat and calories of the mayo while adding key nutrients.

I started with two chicken breasts and baked them in the oven. You can cook them on the skillet if you prefer. I like getting the individually packaged breasts because I only use what I need.

Cook the chicken and let it cool completely before mixing with the other ingredients. Once cooled, shred with your fingers or a fork into bite-sized pieces. Now, you can start mixing and preparing the rest of the salad.

Wash all the veggies and chop into bite sized pieces. If you don’t have parsley on hand, use dill or even cilantro. This recipe is very easy to customise to your liking. I really like using a yellow pepper because it has a fresh, slightly sweet taste, and it adds crunch.

A red onion could replace the scallions, but I like the taste of the scallions in this recipe. Chicken salad is a great way to get your vegetables without even realising it. This recipe would be great for kids’ lunches as well, to get them the vitamins and nutrients they need.

It’s good to mix the liquid ingredients first so that everything incorporates well. I mixed the Greek yogurt, Dijon mustard, lemon juice, salt and pepper together first before I added the other ingredients.

Shredding the chicken is better than just dicing it, in my opinion, because it gives it more of a homemade feel. Let the prepared chicken salad cool in the fridge for at least 30 minutes so that all the flavours can intermingle.

I like mine on toasted Ezekiel bread with lettuce and tomato. It would also be great in a whole-wheat wrap! The recipe makes about 3 servings depending on how much you can pile on to your sandwich.

This protein packed lunch will keep you energised for the rest of the day and help you to avoid that afternoon slump. If you are a traditional chicken salad fan like I am, this recipe is a great healthy swap. You won’t be able to tell the difference taste wise, but you’ll feel better knowing that it’s made with great ingredients.

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